Victoria Falls Comes Alive In Tourism

Victoria Falls could perhaps be considered the tourism capital of Zimbabwe. Through the economic difficulties that the country faced in the last 15 years, the resort town fought to remain afloat at the back of a trickle of tourists that continued arriving. Today, the town is coming alive with new hotels and resorts being built and refurbishments of the old ones in full throttle.

For example, in August 2012 the Safari Club was officially opened. A multi-million dollar stand alone safari resort on the same property with Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. This has already received raving reviews for international standards when it comes to luxury accommodation. Small lodges and other hotels have also invested money to renovate and modernize their establishments. It is without a doubt that in a short few years, Victoria Falls will once again fully eclipse Zambia in quality of travel to the Victoria Falls.

In terms of quality of service, hotels in Vic Falls are generally highly rated. These includes Victoria Falls hotel, A'Zambezi hotel, Ilala Lodge and numerous other establishments. This alone is a good indicator of what people think about Zimbabwean hospitality. This data is easily accessible from places such as TripAdvisor and will assist any serious efforts to promote tourism in the country.

Over the past years, many visitors coming into Victoria Falls town came through Livingstone town in neighboring Zambia. Today, things have taken a turn. Travelers to the falls are flying-in direct from South Africa into Victoria Falls. South Africa being the regional hub for international travel. The refurbishment and expansion of Victoria Falls International Airport has also contributed a great deal to what is now happening. More airlines will have confidence in the airport and that will indirectly increase the number of tourists coming to Vic Falls.

What is the future of Tourism in Zimbabwe?

The future of travel in Zimbabwe is absolutely bright. It is hoped that in future more and more local travelers will start to emerge traveling to local attractions and resorts. Any successful tourist agenda has to also encourage local tourism in order to balance out inbound travels. This can be expected to start happening in Zimbabwe at full speed as the economy improves, people are employed and have disposable income. That might not be a long way off as it once appeared to be.

Victoria Falls will remain the head of the spear when it comes to selling Zimbabwe to international travelers. In all this the local communities in Victoria Falls who provide employment and all the necessary labor support are to be constantly put in the loop. A disgruntled community can be a source of petty and even more serious crime that will threaten travel to Victoria Falls.